• Over 20 organisations are participating in the tender for virtualisation products

    News - To ensure that educational and research institutions can continue their legitimate use of virtualisation products and user profile management tools, SURFmarket began a European tender procedure, which has since been published.

  • Microsoft ExpressRoute now available directly through SURFnet

    News - Institutions connected to SURFnet can now link their institution's infrastructure directly to the Microsoft cloud with SURFlichtpaden. SURFnet is working under the agreement that the European umbrella organisation GÉANT concluded with Microsoft. GÉANT is the first non-commercial party in the world with direct links via ExpressRoute.

  • New tendering procedure for the SURFnet8 service layer

    News - In June, 2 Requests For Proposals (RFP) for SURFnet8 were issued: one for the photonic layer and one for the service layer. A new tendering procedure for the service layer will be launched because the number of qualified parties was insufficient for the competitive dialogue. This will not affect the procedure for the photonic layer.

  • Overview of ports, network services purchased and traffic graphs

    News - The SURFnet Network Dashboard provides institutions with an overview of all SURFnet network services. In the first release, infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators can view ports, network services purchased and traffic graphs.

  • Adjusted timeline for 2017 European telephony tender

    News - The timeline within the 2017 European telephony tender launched by SURFmarket for educational institutions has been slightly adjusted. This process involves representatives from various education sectors.

  • Lisa Compute Cluster moved from Almere to Amsterdam

    News - The Lisa Compute Cluster has been successfully moved from Almere to the new SURFsara data center at Amsterdam Science Park. The system is back online for regular use, after one week without service.

  • Successor to Safe Harbor: Privacy Shield has come into force

    News - The EU and the United States have reached a new agreement on the exchange of data (personal data). The so-called Privacy Shield was approved by the European Commission on 12 July and has come into force immediately. The Privacy Shield is the successor to Safe Harbor, which was declared invalid in October 2015.

  • Project MinE researchers find two new ALS genes

    News - The international consortium of researchers connected to the patient-driven Project MinE has identified two new genes that increase the risk of the fatal neurodegenerative disease ALS. In order to realise large, safe and fast storage as well as analysis of the genetic data, project MinE works together with SURFnet and SURFsara.

  • New data centre Amsterdam Science Park completed

    News - SURFsara's new data centre at the Amsterdam Science Park was delivered on schedule on 1 July by builder and developer Telecity Group. SURFsara will rent 2 floors in the 72-meter-high building for the national high-performance-computing infrastructure.

  • Softdrive makes software available on multiple computer systems simultaneously

    News - Introducing Softdrive by SURFsara: a new service which makes installing software much easier for users of our Grid infrastructure and other distributed infrastructures. Software installed onto Softdrive becomes available on multiple systems automatically, but can be managed from a single location.

  • Status update SURFsara-systemen

    News - Weekend update July 2 2016

  • Status update SURFsara systems

    News - On Thursday, June 30th on 14.30h SURFsara encountered a problem with the hardware and software of one of its firewalls.

  • Experiment for hands-on experience with learning analytics

    News - Getting started with learning analytics is mostly a case of jumping in at the deep end. Luckily, though, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. SURFnet has started an experiment to enable learning analytics to be applied in practice and will share all of the relevant information resulting from this experiment.

  • Anwar Osseyran of SURFsara elected Chair of the PRACE Council

    News - During the 21st PRACE Council Meeting on 22 June 2016 in Frankfurt, Prof Dr Ir Anwar Osseyran, director of SURFsara, was elected Chair of the PRACE Council, and Dr Sergi Girona of BSC was elected Vice-Chair.

  • SURFmarket launches tender for virtualisation products

    News - SURFmarket is launching a European tender to ensure that education and research institutions can continue their legitimate use of the virtualisation products VMWare and Citrix and RES user profile management tools. A survey of participating institutions is currently under way.