Project Visual Language

Interoperability is a very abstract and layered concept. In colloquial language, it proves really difficult to be able to communicate on this topic because it is simply too complex. While we do need to have that conversation. That is why the Visual Language project was launched in cooperation with Npuls.

Since 2023, a multidisciplinary team of developers, architects and education experts has been working in collaboration with Dirma Janse to design this language. Janse is a designer of science visualisations and an expert in translating complex information into visually accessible solutions.

Goal of the project

The goal of this project is to be able to have the conversation about interoperability in education, in a national and international context. We are developing a visual language to represent the ecosystem of international interoperability in education. The visual language will serve various target groups, from professionals in the education sector, to board members, decision-makers and staff of sector associations. Based on the needs of the target groups, we will then further develop the visual language into various communication tools, such as an animated video, a poster or a slide deck.


For a number of international meetings such as EUNIS and TNC, various slides were elaborated and a flyer was designed.


Would you like to contribute to the development of this visual language? Then send an e-mail to and we will contact you!