Promises of AI in Education

AI technologies are shaping the educational landscape in different ways. The better we understand these technologies, the better we can apply them in education. The report Promises of AI in Education provides an overview of the educational landscape by analysing AI with concrete examples of existing applications in the educational context.

Promises of AI in Education

Bringing innovative technologies into the classroom is always experimental and requires some awareness of what the needs are of the teacher and students. Artificial intelligence (AI) has begun finding its own way into classrooms, schools, and the ways in which we bring school home via homework or extracurricular activities. This has led to new discussions about learning analytics, AI in education, digital literacy, privacy, and questions of data sovereignty.

Discussing the impact of AI systems in educational practices

This report delves into the use of AI in educational practices on a micro, meso, and macro scale. This is not only a question for educational IT departments, as the application of AI in Education (AIED) also directly impacts the educational practices of teachers and support services by educational experts.

The main goal of this publication is to give educational professionals a starting point from which to discover the possible applications of AI in education. For this the basis does not lie in theories of AI in education, but the practical application within the classroom or educational institution.

How do we get from AI to AI in education?

We discuss the differing definitions of AI and how this translates to the educational domain. This is followed by an analysis where four specific applications of AI in education (Perusall, Jill Watson, PhotoMath and GPT-3) are viewed through the lenses of the micro-, macro-, and meso contexts of their application.

In this report you will also find a collection of different applications of AI in education. This list can function as an inspiration and a guide for discovery.

More information

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