The SURFmarket complaints procedure

SURFmarket is always striving to improve its provision of services. Customer complaints play a key role in this process.

Complaints about SURFmarket's services are an opportunity to improve them

Complaints present us with an opportunity to correct existing inaccuracies and to improve our current processes. A complaint can be a signal alerting us that a working method is not as effective as it should be.

Submitting a complaint to SURFmarket

You can submit a complaint by e-mail or telephone to any SURFmarket employee. You can also use the online form on our website or get in touch with our Customer Manager Maaike Hazewinkel directly. Please let us know about your complaint as soon as possible following the incident to which it relates. To handle your complaint, SURFmarket needs the following information:

  • The incident(s) motivating you to submit the complaint.
  • The time and place of the incident.
  • The reason you are unhappy with what happened.
  • The employees involved, if possible.
  • Your request/suggestion(s).

How SURFmarket will deal with your complaint

SURFmarket will send you confirmation as soon as we receive your complaint. SURFmarket staff will then make every effort to resolve your complaint. We aim to send you a response within two days. Your complaint will of course be treated confidentially.

Lodging an appeal

If you are not satisfied with the procedure and/or the decision regarding your complaint, you may lodge an appeal. Appeals should be lodged with the Customer Management Team Manager Lara Gonzalez, who will examine and decide on the appeal. Depending on the situation, the Customer Management team manager may designate an independent person within SURFmarket to examine and decide on the complaint.