Report Learning analytics in education design: a guide

Together with Dutch higher education institutions, SURFnet is examining how learning analytics can contribute to tailored education. In this report we will demonstrate how learning analytics can dovetail with education design and which questions learning analytics can answer.

Studenten TU Eindhoven zitten met rugzak

Learning analytics in educational practice

Better insight into the teaching process and targeted feedback to students, ultimately resulting in improved education: that is the idea behind learning analytics. Learning analytics offers a great many possibilities, but how can a study programme or institution use it successfully? This will depend entirely on how learning analytics is applied in educational practice.

Creating an online education

Learning analytics only works if you learn to ask the right questions about your data. For example, when creating an online education. For this report 'Learning analytics in education design: a guide', we conducted a literature survey together with representatives from higher education on models for educational design and combined these with examples of effective use of learning analytics in education.

Support and inspiration for teachers and education designers

The report provides teachers and education designers support and inspiration in applying learning analytics when designing online education. Learning analytics allows you to collect data from a student’s every mouse click in an online environment, the videos they watch and other digital traces they leave behind that might tell you something about their learning behaviour.