SURF Infrastructure Services Helpdesk

You can report any disruptions and operational measures to the Infrastructure Services Helpdesk. The helpdesk will log the disruption and coordinate its resolution. Only registered helpdesk callers from institutions which are connected to SURF may contact the helpdesk.

Available 24/7

SURF operates the Infrastructure Services Helpdesk for resolving disruptions to infrastructure services. You can report disruptions to your institution's network and any operational measures to the helpdesk. The helpdesk is available to registered helpdesk callers 24/7, via:

Only for registered helpdesk callers

Note: Only registered helpdesk callers from institutions connected to the SURF network may contact the helpdesk. The following are registered helpdesk callers:

  • the institutional contact person (ICP)
  • the institutional coordinator (ICO)
  • the Site Security Contact (SSC)

Additional helpdesk callers may be registered via the ICP of your institution.

End users should notify their own helpdesk or their ICP.

    Reporting disruptions and operational measures

    You can contact the helpdesk for the following:

    • to report disruptions to infrastructure services
    • to report any operational measures that may affect your SURF network connection ('powerdowns' etc.) 

    The helpdesk is not available to resolve disruptions to local institutional networks, or disruptions that are not related to SURF infrastructure services. In such cases, please call your institution's own helpdesk. If you have any other questions, please contact SURF Customer Support, via

    Registration and resolution

    The Infrastructure Services Helpdesk will register the disruption and coordinate its resolution. To this end, it analyses the incoming information and sends it to the right management partners. They will resolve the issue, if required in direct consultation with the customer. In addition, the helpdesk will ensure that the customer is kept up-to-date on the progress of the resolution.

    Questions or complaints

    Questions or complaints regarding the resolution of disruptions by the helpdesk should be directed to SURF Customer Support, via telephone: +31 88 787 30 00 or email

    SURF network connection for schools and cultural institutions

    As it is not feasible for SURF to serve all institutions funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, two service provider models have been developed;

    • The Education Service Providers (ESP) model for primary and secondary schools, and
    • The Cultural Service Provider (CSP) model for cultural institutions.

    An ESP or CSP can request a connection to the SURF network by contacting SURF Customer Support, via Any internet service provider (ISP) or other institution or company can act as ESP or CSP. This party is authorised to transfer the Internet traffic of institutions that fall within the target group of SURF to the SURF network on equal terms. ESPs and CSPs will not have access to our other services; they provide their own services to schools and cultural institutions.

    Service Level Specification (SLS) SURF infrastructure services

    The Service Level Specification (SLS) (pdf) is intended to provide institutions connected to the SURF network with a reference point for SURF's infrastructure services. In the SLS, SURF describes its services as clearly and measurably as possible. NetherLight has its own Service Level Specification)

    Current version

    Previous versies

    NetherLight Service Level Specification

    NetherLight has its own Service Level Specificatie (versie 3.0, maart 2016) (pdf)