Flexible education organisation
Students expect convenience and freedom of choice, to study what they want, in their own time, place and pace. As long as they study, but also in lifelong development. Institutions should offer flexibility where students ask for it, for instance making the education offer more flexible, facilitating student mobility and issuing digital certificates.
Hogeschool Leiden
Alexander Blanc

Alexander Blanc


Student identity

A digital identity for students to encourage lifelong development.

eduID: 1 digital student identity to support lifelong development

The ambition is to allow students in the future to use eduID - during and after their studies - to log in easily and securely at every educational institution in the Netherlands. To this end, SURF is developing a secure and reliable architecture, in close consultation with the institutions and key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Studielink.

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Gaining experience with eduID pilots

We want institutions to already be able to use eduID for specific target groups: pre-registrants, students 'from outside' and alumni. Do you have a challenge you would like to use eduID for?

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