Research Infrastructure
All researchers should be able to focus on their research without any worries because they can use state-of-the-art IT facilities and expertise. Both researchers who have been using large-scale digital infrastructure for years, and those with less experience in this.
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A climate model is a kind of digital copy of the Earth. This kind of research is only really possible with the help of a supercomputer.

Leo van Kampenhout, Utrecht University

National Coordination Point Research Data Management

How do we deal with the explosion of data we are facing in education and research in the Netherlands? How can we store all this data so that it remains accessible for reuse, also in the long term? How do we safeguard scientific integrity? The National Coordination Point facilitates a national strategy for research data management.

What does the National Coordination Point do?

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The National Coordination Point Research Data Management facilitates a national approach to research data management in the Netherlands. Close coordination with education and research institutes is crucial. The Netherlands can so develop and implement an efficient and effective research data management policy.

National network of experts

The National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM) is a national network of experts in the field of research data management (RDM). The LCRDM forms the link between policy and solution. Within LCRDM, experts work together to put RDM subjects on the agenda that are too big for one institute to tackle and need a national plan of action. To that end, LCRDM brings together research support services, policy makers, IT specialists, managers of diverse research institutes and research funding organizations.

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