Research Infrastructure
All researchers should be able to focus on their research without any worries because they can use state-of-the-art IT facilities and expertise. Both researchers who have been using large-scale digital infrastructure for years, and those with less experience in this.
Onderzoek met geavanceerde ict

A climate model is a kind of digital copy of the Earth. This kind of research is only really possible with the help of a supercomputer.

Leo van Kampenhout, Utrecht University

Optimal use of research infrastructures


All researchers can focus on their research without worries in 2027, making effective use of the facilities and expertise available in the digital infrastructure. In the context of SURF, we realise a strengthened connection of local, national and international infrastructures and focus on increasing the efficiency and performance of applications, for example by applying AI. We also support the knowledge sharing and innovation needed for this.


We set up experimental environments, in which together with researchers we optimise the latest technologies, such as AI and quantum, or state-of-the-art infrastructures for research applications. This allows researchers to push the boundaries of their research. Knowledge sharing takes place together with the domain expertise of research communities and Digital Competence Centres (DCCs).

Jointly directing investments

Through structural cooperation with discipline-specific initiatives, we ensure that services and expertise in infrastructures remain in line with future research needs. This involves making optimal use of investments by institutions and in the national digital infrastructure. This includes jointly managing investments at institutional and (inter)national level. In this way, we make optimal use of limited public resources to support internationally leading research.