5x impact in 2022: Research and education innovation

How can we anticipate tomorrow's developments today? To this end, we wrote a vision on online research environments in 2027, for instance. But we also looked at innovations that are happening now. Think of the student mobility pilot, which allows students to register for courses across European borders.

Onderzoeker achter computer waarop onderzoeksdata te zien is
Quantum LUMI-Q

SURF Open Innovation Lab

In 2022, among other things, we launched the LUMI-Q project together with QuTech. In this project, we develop a hybrid platform for (classical) high-performance computing and quantum computing. This will give Europe a powerful infrastructure to experiment with new hybrid algorithms and workflows that combine the best of classical and quantum computing in one network.

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Digital Competence Centres

Digital Competence Centres (DCCs) are increasingly taking shape. Seven initiatives taken up by SURF in collaboration with DCCs in 2022 have been completed. Among them are a number of interesting trajectories on virtual data assistance, Yoda, SRAM and text mining.

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Studenten TU Eindhoven zitten met rugzak

Student mobility pilot goes international

The EuroTeQ consortium brings together six European technical universities, including TU/e. EuroTeQ launched a Student Mobility pilot in 2022 to allow students to take courses at another educational institution. It is a great example of European collaboration, where technology developed by SURF is also deployed outside the Dutch domain.

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Promises of AI in Education

The promise of AI in education

AI technologies are shaping the education landscape in different ways. The better we understand these technologies, the better we can apply them. We created an overview of the education landscape in 2022 by analysing AI with concrete examples of existing applications in the education context. This allows education professionals to discover which AI applications they can use in their teaching.

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National Open Science Plan

Our ambition is to make all research data suitable for reuse and to make all research results available as open-access publications. Together with NWO, KNAW, UNL, VJ and NFU, SURF endorses the National Open Science Plan.

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The future of online research environments

For successful research, collaboration is indispensable. Physically, but also online. Online research environments are crucial in this. What will those look like in five years? We drew up a vision for that in 2022, based on conversations with a large number of stakeholders from the SURF community.

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