Employee stories

Curious to know what it's like working at SURF? Then read the stories of your potential future colleagues.

Eric Louisville

Werkplek op de trap

Service level manager

"I am happy that I’m in the position to contribute to the development of education and research in the Netherlands.”

Gül Akcaova

Gül Akcaova, project manager innovation

Project manager innovation

 “I like to emphasize the things that connect us.”

John Doove

John Doove SURF medewerker 1

Open Access Programme Manager at SURFmarket

'I work in a complex environment that involves many competing interests: commercial, political, national and international.'

Kirsten Veelo

Kirsten Veelo, programmamanager innovatie

Innovation program manager

 “Here we have people working with a passion for content. People who are willing to help each other.”

Pieter de Wit

Pieter aan het werk

Online marketeer

“The diversity of work appeals to me greatly.”