License desks SURF

You can contact the license desk Software & Cloud and the license desk Content, in case you have questions about products or licenses that SURF offers and your institution takes part in SURF's services.

License desk Software & Cloud

SURF's License Desk Software & Cloud team is responsible for the correct and timely provision of the complete portfolio of products created by the IT procurement department. They are primarily the point of contact for employees of the institutions in the role of software contact person. But project leaders and IT staff from institutions also know how to find them. 

You can contact the License Desk Software & Cloud with all your questions about:

  • The My SURFmarket portal, supply, portfolio, and statuses of orders placed, quotations, and deliveries.
  • The Basic Fee for Purchasing and Digital Platforms, participation in contracts and tenders, templates for model contracts and processor agreements, and how a mini-competition works.
  • The annual number registration completed by the institutions via the customer portal on the numbers of employees, students, and end users.
  • The durations and conditions, via a product information management system (PIM) the products and associated contracts are entered.
  • The product descriptions, updates and news about the often complex licence structures and licence models.
  • The product and/or functionality changes or expansions of the range. There is daily contact with the providers and suppliers about this.
  • Choosing the right licences, products and/or services.

Availability of License Desk Software & Cloud

License desk Content

Our license desks can be reached Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00 (with the exception of 27 to 31 December). The license desks are closed during national holidays.


Find out where to complain about our procurement services on the complaints page.