SURF annual reports

Read the formal annual reports of the SURF U.A. cooperative here, or view the more public-friendly annual review.


  • Download the formal 2021 SURF Coöperatie U.A. annual report (pdf in Dutch)
  • Also take a look at 5x impact in 2021, the annual overview with highlights of 2021, all of which contribute to excellence in the fields of education and research. Year after year, SURF and its members work to provide good and innovative ict for education and research. In 2021, we launched SURF's Strategy 2022-2027 and switched on a supercomputer named Snellius. We also signed several important contracts and DPIAs with big tech.


  • Download the formal 2020 SURF Coöperatie U.A. annual report (pdf in Dutch)
  • Read the SURF Magazine article 5x impact in 2020. The efforts of SURF and our members led to a large number of results and innovations in 2020. Sometimes very visible and concrete, sometimes more behind the scenes. All results contributed to our common goal: top education and top research. Some of these results are reviewed here. This is by no means complete, as much more happened. This article gives a nice impression of our impact in 2020.


2019 was a special year for SURF, in which major and essential changes were announced and initiated. Together with the members, the foundation has been laid for a closer SURF.


In 2018, SURF worked on the six result areas: connected world, accessible access, trusted environment, data management, enriched technology, and transparent and legitimate relationship. Key achievements are listed in the annual report and the more public-friendly annual review.


The Board's focus in SURF's 30th anniversary year was on intensifying collaboration. Inside and outside SURF. In addition, 2017 saw the launch of the SURF Open Innovation Lab, which contributes to the innovative power and knowledge position of SURF and its target groups/stakeholders.