The Members' Council of SURF

The Member Council represents the members (owners of the cooperative) and is the highest body of the cooperative. The Member Council meets at least twice a year.

Tasks of the Members' Council

  • Adoption of statutes
  • Approve the annual accounts
  • Approve the SURF Cooperative's Multi-Annual Agenda (the strategy) and annual plans
  • Appointing the members of the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board and the WTR
  • Approve admission of new members

Division of members

The Members' Council consists of 34 members divided over 6 departments. Each department has a fixed number of seats available. Members are assigned to one of the sections of the Council of Members, which takes decisions on behalf of the members. In this way, the voice of all members is heard. The members have a maximum of four years' membership of the Council of Members and may be reappointed twice by their sections.

Department Maximum number of members To be appointed by
Research-oriented higher education 14 Research universities
Higher professional education 10 Universities of applied sciences, via the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences
Secondary vocational education 3 MBOs via he Netherlands Association of VET Colleges
Non-commercial and non-university research 3

- 1 by NWO
- 1 by KNAW
- 1 by the Members' Council

University medical centres 2 UMCs via NFU
Other 2 TNO and the KB National Library of the Netherlands

Decision-making process

Resolutions are passed on the basis of an absolute majority (more than half) of the votes validly cast, unless the articles of association or the law prescribe a larger majority.

The Chairperson of the Scientific Technical Council or a deputy appointed by him/her is authorised to attend the meetings of the Members' Council and has an advisory vote.

Members of the Members' Council


  • dhr. drs. J.W. Lintsen MBA - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    (Vertegenwoordiger namens het wetenschappelijk onderwijs)


  • mw. drs. I.T.J. Grimm MBA - Hogeschool Windesheim
    (Vertegenwoordiger namens het hoger beroepsonderwijs)

Representatives of research-oriented higher education

  • dhr. drs. J.A.W.M. Biemans - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • dhr. dr. N.J.P.M. Bos - Universiteit Maastricht
  • dhr. R.L.A.C. Buchwaldt MBA - Wageningen University
  • dhr. prof. dr. F. A. van der Duijn Schouten - Open Universiteit
  • mw. drs. M. van der Meer - Technische Universiteit Delft
  • mw. drs. A. Muskens - Radboud Universiteit
  • dhr. dr. M.J.W.T. Nollen - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • dhr. drs. M. Ridderbos RC - Universiteit Leiden
  • mw. drs. M. Roos  - University of Twente
  • mw. dr. E.M.A. van Schoten RA - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • mw. P.F.I.M. Snijders MSc CPC - Tilburg University
  • mw. drs. M. van der Starre – Universiteit Utrecht
  • mw. dr. M.M.N. Ummelen - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Representatives of higher professional education

  • mw. prof. dr. S. Brand-Gruwel - Zuyd Hogeschool
  • dhr. W.E. van den Brink MA - Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • dhr. mr. drs. H.G.L.M. Camps - De Haagse Hogeschool
  • mw. A.H. Hannink MHA - Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • dhr. drs. T. Kos - Saxion
  • mw. dr. J.G.M. Reuling - Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • dhr. drs. R.J.G.M. Verbruggen - Hogeschool de Kempel
  • dhr. drs. R.W. Zoutendijk - Driestar educatief
  • mw. T. Zweed - Hogeschool Utrecht

Representatives of secondary vocational education

  • dhr. F.C. Gronsveld - voorzitter CvB STC Group
  • mw. M.H. Koster-Wentink MA - Graafschap College
  • < vacature > 

Representatives of non-commercial and non-university research

  • dhr. mr. J.E. van der Boon  - NWO-institutenorganisatie
  • dhr. R. de Haan – RIVM
  • mw. drs. W.L.M. de Koning-Martens - KNAW

Representatives of university medical centres

  • mw. drs. J.C.E. Kursten – UMC Utrecht
  • dhr. prof. dr. C.H. Polman - VUmc


  • dhr. drs. J.W. van Wessel - Koninklijke Bibliotheek
  • dhr. dr. S. van der Gijp - TNO