Employee stories

Curious to know what it's like working at SURF? Then read the stories of your potential future colleagues.

Wladimir MuftyWladimir Mufty

Policy advisor Technology & Innovation at SURFnet

‘My colleagues are all very different people, but share the same passion and sense of humour.
This makes my work a lot of fun.'

Jasper DistelbrinkJasper Distelbrink

Advisor for universities of applied sciences at SURFnet

‘I am still fully committed to SURFnet. I know of no other organisation with this unique combination of factors.’

Natalie DaneziNatalie Danezi

Grid & Cloud Services Advisor

‘Teamwork is core to our job. If you want to work alone in front of a computer screen all day, SURFsara is not the right place for you.’

John DooveJohn Doove

Open Access Programme Manager at SURFmarket

'I work in a complex environment that involves many competing interests: commercial, political, national and international.'

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