Course Data management and computational workflows

Date: 25 JUN 2018 

SURFsara, ELIXIR-nl and ELIXIR introduce how data management based on iRODS can be incorporated into computational workflows.

25 Jun 2018
SURFsara, Science Park 140
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With the advance of new technologies, data volumes and numbers of files are constantly increasing. Good datamanagement is therefore an essential part of data-driven research. In response to the need of researchers and new regulations (e.g. GDPR) for better data management tools, we are currently developing a data management platform at SURFsara on the basis of iRODS.

For whom?

Bioinformaticians, computational biologists, data stewards in the field Life Sciences. Seats are limited: we expect around 20 people.

Training objectives

  • Learn about the concept of iRODS’s resource abstraction
  • Gain hands on experience with managing data with iRODS
  • Steer data flows across different iRODS administrative domains
  • Work with metadata attached to data managed by iRODS and how to query for data using this metadata.

After an introduction the training will purely be hands-on and will be taught in the style of software and data carpentry, i.e. live-coding sessions with exercises.

Topics in this course will include:

  • Data Life Cycle and FAIR principles
  • iRODS concepts
  • Metadata and searching for data in iRODS
  • Building a computational pipeline that draws on data managed in iRODS

Requirements (or pair up with someone familiar with):

  • Bash commands and basic python
  • You need to be able to connect with ssh, bring your own client

This event is organised by SURFsara and ELIXIR Netherlands, and supported by ELIXIR Finland. It is organised in the framework of the ELIXIR Implementation study Using clouds and VMs for bioinformatics training.

Training materials

All training materials are now available on GitHub.

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