Business data SURF

The legal structure of SURF consists of Coöperatie SURF U.A., with the operating company SURF bv underneath. Here you will find the business details of both legal entities. 

Name: Coöperatie SURF U.A.
Chamber of Commerce number: 41182408
Statutory name and registered office: Coöperatie SURF U.A. in Utrecht
Location addresses Moreelsepark 48, 3511 EP Utrecht


Name: SURF bv
Chamber of Commerce number: 50277375
Statutory name and registered office: SURF B.V. in Utrecht
Location addresses: Head office: Moreelsepark 48, 3511 EP Utrecht
Branch office: Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amsterdam
VAT number:  NL822655287B01
Bank accounts SURF: NL54INGB0005936709

As of 31 December 2020, the legal unification of the SURF operating companies is a fact. This unification was brought about by a legal merger in which SURFsara B.V. acquired the entire capital of SURFnet B.V. and SURFmarket B.V. by universal title and SURFmarket B.V. and SURFnet B.V. ceased to exist. At the same time, the name of SURFsara B.V. in the Articles of Association was changed to SURF B.V.

Additional data for debtors and creditors

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