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Students expect convenience and freedom of choice, to study what they want, in their own time, place and pace. As long as they study, but also develop throughout life. Institutions need to offer the flexibility that students demand, for example by making the educational offer more flexible, facilitating student mobility and issuing digital certificates.



  • Studenten en professionals hebben de regie op, en verantwoordelijkheid over hun eigen ontwikkeling. Zij hebben vrijheid in het samenstellen van hun onderwijsprogramma met aanbod van binnen en buiten hun eigen instelling. Een leven lang ontwikkelen is het nieuwe normaal.

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Flexibility in education

Organising flexible(er) education requires the agility of an educational organisation. What challenges do institutions face?

  • Setting up an educational organisation
  • Presentation of educational offerings of own and other institutions
  • Simple registration process with 1 identity
  • Digital certificates for acquired knowledge and experience

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Visual Technologie voor flexibilisering

Nationale aanpak voor flexibel onderwijs

Welke wensen heeft de student op het gebied van flexibilisering van het onderwijs? En welke oplossingen worden al geboden? Bekijk de nationale aanpak van SURF om flexibel onderwijs voor de student te organiseren.

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Educational logistics

What does flexible(er) education require from the educational organisation?

Organising education in a flexible way has a major impact on the organisation of educational logistics processes. If you start working with flexibility and as a result change the way you organise your education, this will automatically lead to adjustments in education logistics.

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SURF Communities

Sharing challenges within the community

Are you working on gaining insight into educational processes within your institution? Ask your questions and share your experiences within the special interest group (SIG) Educational Logistics and come up with solutions together with other experts.

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Educational logistics for flexible education

Are you involved in the organisation of flexible education? Let yourself be inspired by 6 leading institutions that show how they shape the flexibilisation of education.

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Student mobility


Follow minor studies at other colleges and universities with Kies Op Maat

Kies Op Maat offers a wide range of education from 27 universities of applied sciences and 4 universities. Students simply register for a minor or course at another educational institution.

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Student mobility pilot with UU, TU/e and WUR

The UU, TU/e and WUR are participating in a pilot project within the Studentmobiliteit project of the zone Flexibilisation of the Acceleration Plan. They are experimenting with the exchange of educational supply data within SURF's infrastructure in order to promote student mobility across educational and institutional boundaries.

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Educational offer from own and other institutions

Students must be able to orientate themselves and enrol in the courses offered by their own and other institutions. SURF is starting to develop an infrastructure to promote student mobility across educational and institutional boundaries.

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Open Education API: the road to flexible education

The Open Education API is an open standard for sharing educational data. Through this API, institutions make useful information available via apps, for example, such as curriculum, grade and timetable information.

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Unique student identity

1 digital student identity to support lifelong development

The ambition is that in the future, students will be able to use eduID - during and after their studies - to log in easily and securely to any educational institution in the Netherlands. To this end, SURF is developing a secure and reliable architecture, in close consultation with the institutions and important stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Studielink.

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Gaining experience with eduID pilots

By 2020, we want institutions to be able to use EDUID for specific target groups: enrolments, 'outside' students and alumni. Do you have a challenge for which you would like to deploy eduID?

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Digital certifying

edubadges icoon

1 platform for digital certificates

Distribute edubadges digitally to students within a secure and reliable platform. Read what edubadges can do for you as an institution and for your students.

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Starting with edubadges

If your institution is connected to the edubadges platform, you can immediately start issuing edubadges. Would you like to know what this involves? Then make use of the step-by-step plan.

SURF Communities

SIG Digitaal certificeren

Heb jij vragen of wil je juist jouw ervaringen delen? Kom in contact met andere experts binnen de Special Interest Group (SIG) Digitaal certificeren en blijf op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen.

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