In discussions with qualified bidders over SURFnet8 service layer

01 MAR 2017

The qualification phase for the new tender for the SURFnet8 service layer ran until 31 January 2017. Having evaluated the bids, we selected six qualified partners with whom we will discuss the most suitable solution for our service layer.

Successful qualification phase

The qualification phase for the SURFnet8 service layer has been successfully completed: of the eight bids, six were selected on the basis of the pre-defined requirements and criteria. We will embark on the competitive dialogue phase with these partners.

Competitive dialogue

In March, the qualified partners will receive a provisional package of requirements on the basis of which they will submit a bid for a network solution. These bids will be discussed in competitive dialogue sessions to be held in April and May. Based on these discussions, we can fine-tune our requirements and the bidders can tailor their solutions even more closely to these requirements. This will enable us to find the best possible solution for our service layer, so we can continue to operate at the cutting edge.

After the dialogue sessions

Once the dialogue phase is complete, we will prepare a final package of requirements which the six bidders will use to submit a final bid. Once the final bids have been received, we will decide who will deliver the new service layer for the SURFnet network. The contract for the service layer is due to be signed in September 2017.

About the SURFnet8 service layer

The new service layer will offer a high level of flexibility for the development of new functionalities and services. It also needs to facilitate the automated rollout of services in a programmed, controlled environment. To make this possible, we ask the suppliers to provide individual services as well as software that allows these services to be managed in an automated way.

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