Relocation of Paris PoP brings new opportunities for international collaboration

21 MAR 2017

The relocation of our PoP to Interxion's data centre in Paris will open up new opportunities for international collaboration. This new location will allow us to use the third ANA-300G link and to supply GÉANT with alien waves.

Relocation of Paris PoP

We are currently relocating our point of presence (PoP) in Paris to the data centre of Interxion, a European supplier of data centre services. The process is due to be completed by mid-2017. The new location offers a wide range of opportunities for pan-European and transatlantic collaboration.

Pan-European collaboration

Since other educational and research networks also use Interxion's data centre in Paris, the relocation of our PoP will facilitate collaboration with these networks. The new location allows us, for example, to offer alien wave capacity to and from this data centre to GÉANT. Alien waves are 'foreign' wavelengths that originate from different optical domains. GÉANT can transport its wavelengths via the hub in Paris over our optical fibres. We also do this for GÉANT between Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Transatlantic collaboration

The transatlantic connectivity facility ANA-300G comprises three fully redundant 100 Gbit/s links between open exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic. SURFnet already had connectivity to North America via two of the three links. With the new location in Paris, Dutch education and research institutions can now send data quickly and securely to the US and Canada via three points: Amsterdam, London and Paris. The three redundant paths ensure minimal downtime. SURFnet's partners in the ANA-300G project are Internet2, NORDUnet, CANARIE and GÉANT.

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