Badgr selected as platform for proof-of-concept with open badges

01 SEP 2017

SURFnet has selected the Badgr open source platform for its proof-of-concept to allow institutions to experiment with creating and awarding open badges. Under this agreement, the participating institutions have access to the latest version of Badgr, while SURFnet will contribute to future development of the platform and the open badge standard.

Open badges: a standard under development

In a proof-of-concept by SURFnet, 8 institutions will experiment with open badges. Open Badges communicate skills and achievements by providing a visual representation of your accomplishments and skills. ‘Open’ refers to the use of the open badge standard, which is managed by IMS Global. Version 2.0 of this standard has been available since the beginning of this year, and has speeded up the development of various badge applications.

Opting for Badgr

SURFnet has opted for Badgr because this platform already uses version 2.0 of the open badge standard. In addition, it can already be integrated with various systems such as edX and Canvas. In this proof-of-concept, institutions are also looking at the possibility of integrating badges with other digital learning environments.

Benefits of this agreement

Thanks to the agreement with Concentric Sky, the developer of Badgr, SURF has secured access to the latest version of the open badge standard and we can make use of their development team. In addition, with the proof-of-concept we are making a contribution to the future development of this open-source platform. Special attention has been drawn to privacy issues in this one-year agreement: additional conditions have been included and the data are held on the SURFnet infrastructure in the Netherlands.

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