Telindus wins tender for SURFnet8 service layer

21 SEP 2017

SURFnet has provisionally awarded the contract for the service layer of SURFnet8: Telindus won the selection. In 2018 we will be starting on the implementation of our new service layer.

Award for SURFnet8 service layer

On Wednesday 13 September, following a European public tender, SURFnet provisionally awarded a tender for the service layer of SURFnet8. During the discussion phase, we talked to 6 different parties about the most suitable solution for our service layer. The dialogue resulted in a final specification, on which basis we accepted 5 bids. These bids were reviewed over the summer, with the result being a provisional award to Telindus. All bidders have been informed accordingly.

About the SURFnet8 service layer

The SURFnet8 service layer will continue to deliver our connected institutions with the network services that they already know. The new service layer will, in addition, offer a high level of flexibility for the development of new functionalities and services. It will also support rolling out services automatically in a programmed, controlled environment.

Schedule for the implementation process

Right now, we are working with ECI Telecom on the implementation of our new optical layer. We will start in 2018 – following the migration of the optical layer – with the implementation of the SURFnet8 service layer.

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