Data prize promises to be exciting with 47 submissions

Who will win the Dutch Data Prize 2018?

03 JUL 2018

A total of 47 data sets were submitted in different categories. A jury will examine the received entries. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on November 28. Will you be there? Sign up now.


A total of 47 datasets were submitted for the categories 'humanities and social sciences', 'exact and technical sciences' and 'medical and life sciences'. A jury will examine the received entries and after deliberation in September they will announce a shortlist of three nominations per category.

About the award

The Dutch Data Award gives appreciation to a researcher or research group that contributes extra to science by making research data available for new or additional research. The winners will receive a sculpture and € 5,000 to make the dataset accessible(r). The prize is a collaboration between 4TU, DANS and SURFsara.

More information

Will you be there? You can already sign up for the event on November 28th.

More information about the Dutch Data Prize can be found on the RDNL website.

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