We need your help to draft a guide for virtual research environments

New LCRDM pitch for task group Research Workspace

30 NOV 2018

Would you like to contribute to a guide with objective criteria for testing and assessing solutions for a virtual research environment? Then join this new task group Research Workspace of the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM).

Are my data safe?

Ever more research is being conducted in a virtual research environment. Both individual research and research with multiple partners inside or outside an institute. But: does the workspace comply with all policy requirements? Are my data safe, can they be encrypted, processed and shared?

Helping hand for policy makers

On the basis of existing inventories, the LCRDM task group Research Workspace will compile general criteria to which a research environment should conform in different types of research and data. This will serve as helping hand for policy makers.


Does this topic attract your attention? Is this also a challenge in your institution?
Are you available to do some work  between mid-January and mid-March 2019?
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