• Quicker access to large-scale computing systems

    News - More and more organisations are opting to give researchers direct access to the national computing systems LISA and Cartesius.

  • Standard used by eduroam for Wi-Fi access now compulsory for government bodies

    News - The Dutch National Consultation on Digital Government decided on 2 February to put WPA2 Enterprise (the standard used by eduroam for secure access to Wi-Fi networks) on the 'apply or explain' list. This obliges Dutch government bodies and semi-public institutions to support this standard for their WiFi networks.

  • Complete freedom at workshop hosted on HPC Cloud

    News - At a workshop on translational research infrastructures (infrastructures that facilitate efficient translation of research discoveries into industrial application), the HPC Cloud of SURFsara was used to provide access to private virtual machines for each participant and to be flexible regarding the number of participants showing up.

  • Fix Your Vowels wins Google Glass experiments

    News - Don a pair of Google Glasses and improve your pronunciation of Spanish vowels. Fix Your Vowels by the University of Amsterdam (Faculty of Humanities) has won a competition for the most ingenious and promising experiment with Google Glass. In 2015, four educational institutions investigated how Google Glass could benefit education.

  • Tutorials available to help users answer practical SURFdrive questions

    News - Three video tutorials provide (additional) explanations for SURFdrive users on popular functionalities of SURFdrive. These short clips are designed to answer users' practical questions on the web environment, on sharing files and folders and on synchronising with the SURFdrive client.

  • Milestone: First international terabit connection in production

    News - On 21 January, for the first time, SURFnet took an international network link with a capacity of over one terabit into production. The capacity of 1 terabit per second is seen as a milestone because such speeds make the behaviour of fibre-optic cables and optical amplifiers even more critical.