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    Wim Nieuwpoort Award for research into bubbly turbulence

    News - Dr. Paolo Cifani from the Multiscale Modeling and Simulation group at the University of Twente has been awarded the Wim Nieuwpoort Award 2017. The winner was announced at the Super D Event on December 12, 2017.

  • Flow simulation wins Visualization Competition 2017

    News - Alexander Blass of the University of Twente has won the Visualization Competition 2017 with a visualization of direct numerical simulations of sheared thermal convection. The prize was awarded at the Super D Event on December 12.

  • Interconnected solutions for health research

    News - Health research enables the development of personalized approaches in health care and medicine. SURF supports the mission of Health RI, the Dutch infrastructure for personalized medicine and health research. At the 3rd Health RI conference, SURF presented interconnected access and analytics solutions for shared data and applications.

  • Opening hours SURF during the holidays

    News - SURF's offices in Utrecht will be closed on Christmas Day and January 1st. SURF's offices in Amsterdam will be closed from 25 December until 1 January 2018. SURF wishes you happy holidays and an inspiring 2018!

  • Research for more efficient self-learning systems

    News - A computer which can autonomously recognise dangerous situations from security images: self-learning automated systems make this possible. A consortium of which SURFsara is a member has been awarded financing from NWO for a project to make deep learning - where computers learn new things independently - more efficient and transparent.

  • SURFsara extends its status as Intel Parallel Computing Center for 2018

    News - After successfully scaling deep learning training to more than 100,000 CPU cores, SURFsara will continue its collaboration with Intel in 2018. The current goal is now to expand the scope of the developed techniques and adapt them to scientific challenges from the traditional HPC domain.

  • Telindus selected as SURFnet8 service layer provider

    News - On Monday 27 November 2017, Telindus and SURF signed the SURFnet8 service layer contract. In September, Telindus won the European tender for this. We will begin implementing the SURFnet8 service layer in 2018, following SURF’s new optical layer.

  • Anwar Osseyran awarded HPCwire Leadership Award 2017

    News - Prof. Dr. Anwar Osseyran, member of the Board of SURF and CEO of SURFsara, is the recipient of the HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Award in the category: “Outstanding Leadership in HPC”. Each year these awards recognise the most outstanding individuals, organisations, products and technologies in the industry.

  • Programme Super D event complete

    News - We are happy to announce that the programme for the Super D event on December 12 at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam is now complete!

  • SURFsara supports SRON analysing Tropomi satellite data

    News - The European Sentinel-5P satellite was successfully launched into orbit today from Plesetsk in Siberia. Tropomi is a Dutch instrument on board the satellite that will survey global air quality and the distribution of greenhouse gases with unprecedented precision.

  • Call for applications Wim Nieuwpoort Award 2017

    News - In order to advance scalability of applications, SURFsara has the pleasure to announce that the call for proposals for the annual Wim Nieuwpoort Award, edition 2017, is open. The winner will be announced at the Super D event on December 12, 2017.

  • Young scientist wins award for platform to investigate corporate tax avoidance

    News - Frank Takes (31) from the University of Amsterdam has won the Young eScientist Award 2017. The prize aims to stimulate a young scientist demonstrating excellence in eScience: the development or application of digital technology to address scientific challenges.

  • From now on up to 250 gigabytes of storage on SURFdrive

    News - SURFdrive users can now store even more files in their accounts. At the request of many, the storage space of SURF’s cloud storage service is expanded today from 100 to 250 gigabytes. The upgrade is free and available immediately.

  • National Big Data Infrastructure will boost pre-competitive research

    News - In order to unlock the value of distributed datasets an infrastructure is required for secure data sharing and high performance computing. TNO, SURFsara and University of Amsterdam invite partners to join this initiative and set up a National Big Data Infrastructure for enabling future digital transformation.

  • MBO Utrecht now connected to SURFwireless

    News - Since September, the MBO Utrecht vocational school has been connected to SURFwireless. The first two sites belonging to MBO Utrecht went live on 1 September 2017. The next two sites are already being planned.