Coordinating SURF Contacts

Each institution that is a member of SURF has its own representative from and at SURF: the Coordinating SURF Contact (CSC). This contact person streamlines and coordinates communication between an institution and SURF. The CSC shall be appointed by the management of the institution.

Tasks of the CSC

The CSC ensures effective coordination between all employees within the institution who are involved in ICT and other matters in which SURF can help. CSCs provide advice to their Executive Board on the course of SURF. Within their institution, they ensure that everyone knows which services they can obtain from SURF, and in what way.

Sector consultation and coordination of the Board of Directors

The CSCs consult with colleagues from their own sector a few times a year. There are five sectors: hbo, wo, mbo, UMCs and research institutes. A SURF advisor is present at each sector consultation;

  • Research universities: Roland Staring
  • Universities of applied science (hbo): Jasper Distelbrink
  • Research and other members: Ivo Reints and Wies Breeksema
  • University medical centres (UMCs): Femke van Manen
  • Secondary vocational educational institutions (hbo): Remco Rutten

The chairpersons of the five sector meetings regularly to coordinate their efforts. In addition, they meet with the SURF Board four times a year to discuss matters such as;

  • Service portfolio
  • Services provided by SURF
  • Progress of programmes
  • Annual plans/agendas
  • Developments within SURF
  • Sector-specific and cross-sectoral developments

Overview of CSCs by institution

Overview of the members of SURF and the CSC per institution