Scientific Technical Council: the independent advisory body of SURF

The Scientific Technical Council (WTR) is an independent advisory body. The Council provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the SURF cooperative on strategic, scientific and technical issues relating to the cooperative.

Members of the Scientific Technical Council: independent and competent

The Scientific Technical Council consists of recognised independent authorities, appointed in a personal capacity The appointment always encompasses a term of 3 years with a maximum of 3 terms. New members of the Scientific Technical Council are nominated by the Supervisory Board and appointed by the Members’ Council. Council members are appointed on the basis of their independent perspective, long-term vision and expertise in the foundation's areas of activity. Recommendations are usually prepared by a committee of the Scientific Technical Council, which is composed in consultation with the particular client. All recommendations are issued by the Council as a whole in order to ensure balanced results.
The Scientific Technical Council may also call in external international experts to assist in activities.

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What does the Scientific Technical Council do?

The Council serves as a qualitative assessment body for projects and activities initiated by SURF. In addition, the Council coordinates reviews and assessments of programmes, themes and multi-year plans on the instructions of the Supervisory Board.

Advisory services for SURF institutions

The Scientific Technical Council is available to advise institutions that participate in SURF. The advice is always tailored to specific needs and includes audits, support with planning and policy review. Institutions that participate in SURF and seek an independent and expert answer to questions relating to ICT policy will find an experienced advisor in the Scientific Technical Council. The diversity of expertise amongst the Council members enables the Council to make quick diagnoses and formulate concrete recommendations. The Council is not available for process support.

Public advice

Adviezen aan SURF zijn in principe openbaar, tenzij anders is overeengekomen. Adviezen aan instellingen zijn uitsluitend openbaar als de opdrachtgever hier expliciet zelf voor kiest.

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