SURFnet network management

At SURFnet, network management is split into complex network management and operational network management. How are responsibilities shared between the SURFnet NOC, the SURFnet Helpdesk, and the Network Management Expert Team? Read more about the tasks and view the contact details of the SURFnet NOC.

SURFnet NOC and SURFnet Helpdesk

The SURFnet NOC (Network Operations Center) and the SURFnet Helpdesk are outsourced to our management partner Quanza Engineering. Quanza is responsible for operational network management.

Who should you call when?

  • Call the SURFnet Helpdesk to report faults and operational activities that involve the SURFnet network and SURFnet services. The SURFnet Helpdesk is always the first point of contact for institutions.
  • The SURFnet NOC is available for questions about current changes (amendments or incidents) which already have a ticket number. During office hours, you can contact the SURFnet NOC via or 088 787 36 60. You can reach the right NOC employee directly via the ticket number. The former telephone number, 030 247 75 86, is no longer available.

Important: For faults in the local network and faults that do not involve SURFnet services, you should contact the helpdesk at your own institution.

Network Management Expert Team

Complex network management and special projects involving the network are carried out by the Network Management Expert Team. Examples of complex network management include monitoring network capacity and responsibility for security. Major upgrades in the network and complex changes at institutions connected to SURFnet are also carried out by the Network Management Expert Team in collaboration with Quanza.

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