Integral Security Higher Education

Higher education institutions must make conscious choices in dealing with risks such as cybercrime, misuse of personal data, espionage, worrying behavior of students or non-integrated behavior of employees or managers.

Platform integrale veiligheid hoger onderwijs

An integrated approach to these risks reduces the risk of incidents, increases security awareness and reduces costs. By approaching the many risks in conjunction with each other, an overarching picture of the various safety situations emerges and the maturity level of your institution becomes clear. This improves the management and governance of all safety functions.

Platform for Integral Safety in Higher Education  

Within the platform for Integral Safety in Higher Education (IV-HO), institutions in higher education work together to improve safety. IV-HO is the place for IV professionals to share knowledge, exchange experiences and develop and collect tools for an open and safe learning and working environment.

The Platform IV-HO was established under the responsibility of the sector associations Vereniging Hogescholen and VSNU. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science provides a subsidy for SURF, which houses the platform.

Visit the website of the Platform IV-HO if you want to know more.