SURFnet Network Dashboard

The SURFnet Network Dashboard gives institutions an overview of all SURFnet network services. Infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators are able to view graphs and traffic statistics. Infrastructure managers can also set up light paths on their MSP to another MSP.

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Institutions want greater control

Institutions are requesting greater control over the services they purchase. They want to be able to order, configure and manage services with ease. They also want a clear overview of available capacity, to allow more flexible and efficient use of available bandwidth. SURF is currently working on the SURFnet Network Dashboard that allows users with 'infrastructure manager' and 'infrastructure administrator' roles in SURFnet Authorisation Management access using their institutional account.

First release: insight into ports and services

Between February and June 2016 the beta version of the first release of the SURFnet Network Dashboard was available to institutions. We used their feedback for the first release. This release is available since September. Infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators can view an overview of the network services purchased and a port summary of SURFinternet and SURFlichtpaden. They are able to see which ports are in use, and where bandwidth is still available. Institutions can also see the services to service providers (via NetherLight). Traffic statistics for all network services are also displayed graphically by the SURFnet Network Dashboard.

Second release: setting up light paths

At the moment, the second release of the SURFnet Network Dashboard is available. Infrastructure managers can set up light paths on their MSP to another MSP, without any action required by the SURFnet NOC. They do this via the 'Request' tab in the SURFnet Network Dashboard. For infrastructure administrators, this new functionality is not available.

Access to the SURFnet Network Dashboard

To use the SURFnet Network Dashboard, a number of steps need to be completed just once. As soon as access is arranged, the SURFnet Network Dashboard will be available for infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators.


Future plans include displaying current performance in terms of delays and jitter, as well as unresolved tickets. Users will also be able to create tickets and to change the reserved light path capacity themselves. Over the longer term, SURF also intends to allow users to request, monitor and/or configure all innovation and other services (such as multipoint-to-multipoint services (E-LAN) and virtual network functions) via the SURFnet Network Dashboard.

More information

  • Please direct any feedback, questions, suggestions and ideas regarding the SURFnet Network Dashboard to Network Services Product Manager Richa Malhotra (see the bottom of this page for the contact details).
  • Read more about requesting access to the SURFnet Network Dashboard on our wiki
  • For more information on network services, please contact