Digital learning environment
Students and lecturers have ever-changing needs when it comes to digital learning environments. But how do you arrive at a vision of the learning environment, what is a modular learning environment and what do you run into when you want to implement this in your education? That's what SURF is looking at.
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This made not only us, but also the whole room realise that we really need to change the base. Especially as the future focuses on student-centred learning.

Iris Huis in 't Veld

Iris Huis in ‘t Veld


Digital learning environment

In 2025, teachers will be supported in delivering hybrid education by appropriate educational applications and a digital learning environment. The digital learning environment provides teachers and students with quick and easy access to information and materials. How does SURF intend to achieve this goal together with institutions?

What challenges do institutions face?

The digital learning environment is a coherent set of services and applications that support teachers and students in the learning process and teaching. Institutions face the challenge of organising the digital learning environment to accommodate the wishes and requirements of lecturers and students, to make it accessible to all, easy to use, personal and personalised.

Challenges include:

What does SURF do to support setting up a learning environment?

Together with institutions and suppliers, SURF investigates what a modular learning environment can look like in practice and what is needed to make it happen: both in terms of technology and organisation. In 2020, we will continue our activities in the field of open standards. These include the active co-development of standards in an IMS context, testing interchangeability and integration in the DLO test environment and challenging market parties to actually use those standards.

In addition, we are investigating which relevant technological developments offer great opportunities for the future. We are exploring possibilities for an appstore, developing an LTI-launcher, working on a test environment DLO and making an inventory of used educational applications in higher education.

The relationship with educational application suppliers is becoming increasingly important for educational innovation. The Challenge day is one of the ways we want to connect suppliers and institutions.