Procurement & contracting
We buy ict and content on the best possible terms and make sure you can use it easily. We also support you in procurement processes we carry out jointly for institutions.
Close-up handen man achter laptop met bomen en planten op de achtergrond

We aggregate the demand and need at institutions and purchase software and hardware on this basis.

Maaike Hazewinkel

Maaike Hazewinkel


Open Access

In recent years, Open Access publishing has become the norm for scientists. Open Access published articles are directly accessible to everyone. This makes them easier to find, more frequently cited and with a wider reach. Open Access stimulates not only science, but also society and the economy. It creates a society in which, for instance, GPs, start-ups and teachers benefit from the latest scientific insights. Citizens also benefit; think, for instance, of medical and climate-related information that is now also accessible to them.