A model contract

What is a model contract, when can you use it and what are the advantages? On this page you can read all about the model contract.

When can you use a model contract?

You may use a model contract if the value of the contract during the term of the agreement is below EUR 70,000. This amount is linked to the maximum value used by the Guide Proportionality for one-to-one awards. Is the amount mentioned in your own procurement policy lower than 70,000 euros? Then that amount applies as your threshold.

What is a model contract?

To arrive at a model contract, SURF makes agreements with a provider, for example on price, privacy and liability. SURF preferably does this on behalf of a first interested institution. The resulting model contract template forms the basis for the standard available model contract. We offer this standard available model contract free of charge.

There are two possibilities for making use of the model contract service:

  1. Adopt the standard available model contract one-to-one via My SURFmarket.
  2. Use the standard available model contract template and contact the provider to record any changes or additional appropriate arrangements for your institution. Send this contract, signed by both parties, to SURF.

In both cases, the agreement entered into by the institution is an agreement between your institution and the provider. SURF is not a party to it and is not liable. Apart from making the model contract available, SURF only has a role in escalations and facilitating the ordering and invoicing process. If, exceptionally, the ordering and invoicing process takes place outside SURF, this must be coordinated with SURF. Do you not coordinate with SURF and only use the template as a starting point? Then SURF plays no role in the further provision of services.

Benefits of the model contract through SURF

  • SURF makes agreements that your institution can adopt. By using a model contract, you save your own resources.
  • You enter into a one-to-one contract with a market party.
  • Do you adopt the standard available model contract one-to-one? Then it is even easier to order via My SURFmarket.

Functionality ordering process model contract

In practice, we see that the majority of institutions use the one-to-one adoption of the standard available model contract. By ticking the statement of agreement, you sign the contract on behalf of your institution. This eliminates the need for a physical signature on paper. This improves the speed of the whole process. You can read more about the model contract functionality in the news item on My SURFmarket (behind login).

How do we determine which model contracts become available?

We regularly review the existing contract portfolio and examine whether a model contract is possible. It is possible for institutions to submit a request for a model contract to us. A provider can also submit a request for a model contract. Each request is tested for feasibility. In addition, we have a number of preconditions, for example: several institutions must have shown interest or the provider must already have realised successful sales at the institutions. Please contact SURF for your request.  

What model contracts are available?

On My SURFmarket (behind login) you can see the complete overview of which model contracts are available.

Watch the video about a model contract:

The model contract