International cooperation

It is important that Dutch educational and research institutions can easily collaborate with fellow institutions worldwide.

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We are committed to ensuring that educational and research institutions can collaborate internationally via SURF in a high-quality manner.

To enable global collaborations, we are internationally active within relevant education and research networks with a focus on:

  • Facilitating
  • Monitoring
  • Creating opportunities

In this way, the Netherlands continue to be at the forefront of IT and contribute to policy development and the infrastructure for European education and research.

Focus on facilitating collaboration

Educational and research institutions can collaborate internationally via SURF in a high-quality manner and with an awareness of economies of scale. Our aim is to realize education and research that can compete with the international top. We achieve this by understanding the needs of our members in the international market as well as possible and supporting them.

Focus on monitoring developments

We have an extensive and relevant international network. Institutions are aware of important developments and opportunities in the field of IT, education, and research abroad: we monitor, share, and act as a source of information. At the same time, we increase the quality and visibility of Dutch expertise and facilities:

  • Stimulate the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Promote mutual use of infrastructure and services.

Focus on creating opportunities

We are known as a thought leader and innovator in the field of IT, education and research. In these roles, we examine and influence international developments in these areas and represent the national interests of our members. This implies:

  • Playing a leading international role in influencing international developments in technology, infrastructure and services. Optimal alignment with the needs of Dutch education and research.
  • Exploring and creating opportunities for our members and the Netherlands in the broad field of policy making and financing.
  • Partnering that is in the interest of Dutch education and research and the Dutch knowledge economy.
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We make an important contribution to the optimisation of the technological and organisational infrastructure for European education and research.

Optimising IT facilities and infrastructure

In order to keep supporting our members in the best possible way, we continuously invest in expanding and maintaining a network of colleague organizations within the educational field. On a national level and worldwide. In this way, we make an important contribution to the optimization of the technological and organizational infrastructure for European education and research. For the same reason, we work closely with international organizations that stimulate innovation and the development of new applications in the field of IT. At an international level, for example, we collaborate within  Knowledge Exchange (KE). This partnership focuses on new developments and coherent policy to improve the IT facilities and infrastructure within European education. View here which international organisations SURF cooperates with.

Improving our visibility abroad

In order to showcase Dutch innovative developments abroad, we participate in various foreign organisations and conferences. In addition, we organise study trips around a number of conferences for various target groups in higher education. One example is the annual study trip to the EDUCAUSE (US) conference.