What does SURF think?

We regularly produce position papers and information papers on various topics. In these reports, we briefly describe our vision on these subjects for executives, policy makers and politicians. These papers form the foundation for the conversations we have with them.

Driving the digital transition

For the 2023 elections, SURF formulated a number of focal points for the new Cabinet term. These focal points are relevant in order for the Netherlands to maintain its current position as an innovative knowledge economy and digital main port.

Take advantage of the opportunities of digital learning resources

Digitalisation offers new opportunities for higher education, such as the integrated, enriched and flexible provision of digital learning resources to students. Accessible, affordable and high quality learning resources improve their use and contribute to optimised study results.

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To an eduID for all students in the Netherlands

Trends such as digitalisation, flexibility and internationalisation play an important role in secondary vocational and higher education. These trends are changing education in their very own special way.

 Eduid voor alle studenten in Nederland (Dutch only)

Open up access to research results, learning materials, standards and sources

SURF strives to improve education and research using IT. In doing so, we want to remove as far as possible barriers to functional possibilities, accessibility, and collaboration. That is why SURF supports open access to research results, learning materials, standards and open source.

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Internet Governance: an open, accessible, reliable Internet

In SURF's view, excellent IT facilities strengthen top research and education. The Internet plays an important role in this and has developed into an indispensable tool. We want to ensure that the Internet's potential for research and education develops as well as possible and remains available.

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