Work programme of Scientific Technical Council (WTR) 2019

The Scientific Technical Council focuses on subjects that are of strategic importance to SURF. The starting point is the innovation of current and future services to members, based on national and international developments.

Scheduled advisory services

Open Online Education

In 2019, the Scientific Technical Council will advise the Minister for Education, Culture and Science on the proposals submitted for the Open Online Education Incentive Scheme:

  • Online Education pillar - the annual theme is still to be announced.
  • OER pillar.

A subsidy amounting to EUR 700,000 is available for both pillars.

Preparation of the mid-term review of the long-term agenda and the two-year SURF plan

In December 2017, the SURF Members' Council approved a mid-term review of SURF's long-term agenda (and two-year plan). The client is the Members' Council. The Scientific Technical Council coordinates the implementation of the committees that carry out the assessments. The Scientific Technical Council, together with the chairpersons of the committees, ensures that one single assessment report is produced.

Advice to SURF on collaboration in the Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with IT

The Association of Universities, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SURF have jointly drawn up the four-year Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with IT. SURF is part of the steering committee for this plan. Coordination and management of this cooperation require additional effort for an optimal result. The aim of the advice on the cooperation is to build on previous advice from the Scientific Technical Council to SURF concerning the structure and working method of the acceleration plan.

SURF Governance

SURF has initiated restructuring measures to 1 SURF and changes in governance. The Scientific Technical Council expects that the Board will also ask for advice on this matter.

Innovation explorations

De WTR gaat in 2019 met het bestuur en peers nadenken over innovatie-ontwikkelingen op het gebied van onderwijs en onderzoek. Daartoe zal een aantal bijeenkomsten worden georganiseerd.

Unscheduled requests for advice

Tot slot houdt de WTR ruimte beschikbaar voor niet-geplande adviesvragen vanuit SURF en de instellingen.