• Andres Steijaert wins the GÉANT Community Award 2018

    News - Andres Steijaert, SURF employee, received the GÉANT Community Award 2018 during TNC18 in Trondheim. GÉANT, the European education and research network, awarded Steijaert the prize for the unstinting commitment he has brought to his work on providing a good and secure cloud service for European education and research. The jury's vote was unanimous.

  • Atos Quantum Learning Machine available at SURFsara

    News - In the context of the SURF Open Innovation Lab, ATOS QLM30, the Atos Quantum Learning Machine, is available at SURFsara for experimental purposes in the field of quantum computing.

  • Join the National day of sustainability in higher education

    News - Are you a student or professional interested in sustainability and ICT? Some parts of the National day of sustainability in higher education (NDDHO18) are in English. You will recognize the English sessions by the English title and summary. NDDHO18 takes place on May 25 at the TU Eindhoven.

  • SURF is working with partners to back up and share transatlantic capacity

    News - SURF, together with the other ANA (Advanced North Atlantic) consortium members – Internet2, ESnet, CANARIE, NORDUnet and GÉANT - signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the NEAAR project (Networks for European, American and African Research). One of the focal points of this agreement is to secure benefits in terms of bandwidth.

  • SURFnet's CTO Erik Huizer moves to GÉANT

    News - After 6 years, Erik Huizer is announcing his departure as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SURFnet. As of 1 July 2018, Erik Huizer will be the CEO of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network, of which SURFnet is a member. We regret his departure, but look forward to working with him in his new role.

  • Sending multiple files at once and larger encrypted files with SURFfilesender

    News - From now on, you can use SURFfilesender, our service for sending large files, to send multiple files simultaneously. Furthermore, you can send encrypted files of up to 2 GB. The service's look has also been updated.

  • New direct link from South Africa enables global science

    News - The South African NREN (National Research and Education Network), comprising SANReN and TENET, has been connected to NetherLight, SURF’s open exchange in Amsterdam, via a 20 Gbit/s connection. This new direct link will provide capacity to a number of international scientific projects including the SKA (Square Kilometre Array).

  • SURFsecureID: the new name of SURFconext Strong Authentication

    News - The name of SURFconext Strong Authentication is set to change to SURFsecureID. The new name will be introduced over the coming period. This name reflects the modifications made to the service: it can be used separately from SURFconext as required, and the focus is on security.

  • SURF joins iRODS consortium

    News - SURF has joined the iRODS Consortium and plans to use iRODS to support Dutch scientists and their research data management needs. The consortium leads efforts to develop, support, and sustain the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) as an open source data management platform.

  • Software system AIMMS available on compute cluster Lisa

    News - AIMMS has made a license with a large number of free solvers for mathematical problems available to the academic community in the Netherlands. You can now combine the power of AIMMS and compute cluster Lisa for the parallel solving of large mathematical optimization and planning problems with many calculations.

  • Virtual Humans film now on YouTube

    News - The short film ‘Virtual Humans’ has been released on YouTube. The movie shows the possibilities of using high performance computing (HPC) to delve deeper into the processes taking place within the body. It was produced by CompBioMed H2020 Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine, and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC).

  • Knowledge Exchange releases report on Open Scholarship

    News - SURF is involved in Open Science in many different ways. An example of our involvement is the participation in Knowledge Exchange, an international collaboration of several European institutions like CSC, CNRS , DEFF, DFG and Jisc. This week, Knowledge Exchange has released a report on Open Scholarship.

  • Boost your research at the SURF Research Bootcamp

    News - Have you ever wondered how ICT can boost your research? How you can speed up the calculations that block your laptop for days? Discover new possibilities and do more with your data.

  • PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 opens applications

    News - Early-stage postgraduate and late-stage undergraduate students are invited to apply for the PRACE Summer of HPC 2018 programme, to be held in July & August 2018. Consisting of a training week and two months placement at top HPC centres around Europe, the programme offers participants the opportunity to learn and share more about PRACE and HPC.

  • SURF tests possibilities of 5G network on campus in Groningen

    News - SURF is researching potential 5G applications for the benefit of education and research institutions. As part of these efforts, we are taking part in the 5Groningen project and setting up a smart campus testbed. Within the 5Groningen project we, along with 9 other partners, have signed a contract for the next phase of achieving the 5G Fieldlab.