Erik Huizer appointed interim CEO at GÉANT

04 JUL 2017

Erik Huizer, CTO SURFnet, is the new interim CEO of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network, with immediate effect. As the result of this appointment, Huizer will temporarily suspend his activities at SURFnet. Once GÉANT has recruited a new permanent CEO, Huizer will resume his position as CTO at SURFnet.

Continuity essential at GÉANT

The current CEO of GÉANT, Steve Cotter, has left his position in agreement with the GÉANT Association Board in order to accept a new job in New Zealand. The GÉANT Board of Directors considers it extremely important to safeguard the positive developments introduced by Cotter during the search for a new CEO. This is why the Board of Directors was keen for the interim CEO to come from within the Board itself. Huizer was a member of the GÉANT Board of Directors.

CTO position temporarily vacant at SURFnet

Huizer will give up all of his responsibilities at SURFnet while serving as the interim CEO. Once GÉANT has recruited a new permanent CEO, Huizer will resume his duties as CTO at SURFnet. In the meantime, Floor Jas, member of the management team at SURFnet, will take on any ongoing CTO tasks.


GÉANT is the pan-European research and education network. Around 41 national education networks – including SURF – work in GÉANT, facilitating collaboration for education and research across Europe through an advanced European research and education network.

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