First SURFnet8 migration on production network is successful

05 SEP 2017

During the night of 22/23 August, engineers from Quanza and SURFnet migrated the first branch in SURFnet's production network. This represents an important step in the implementation of our new optical layer!

Night-working for Quanza and SURFnet

The first branch to be migrated was the Zwolle - Nijmegen via Deventer, Apeldoorn and Arnhem branch. This migration on the production network, which involved replacing the optical hardware, took place overnight between Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 August. We performed this first migration overnight in order to keep the risks to a minimum. Careful preparations, such as training for engineers and testing of the migration scenario, allowed us to complete the migration within the expected time. The impact on institutions was also as expected: services to/from institutions were not interrupted.

Paul Wittebrood, project manager at Quanza: "During the theory and test phase, which was very successful, we were still in the learning pool, so to speak. The migration on the 22nd felt a bit like a relay in the main pool, where all the swimmers were dependent on each other. We found out afterwards that we had made a new Dutch record in this field."

Test link between Breda and Utrecht

The first practical test – the 400 Gbit/s link between Breda and Utrecht – was also part of the preparations. We tested the ECI equipment on an optical fibre which was not yet in use. This test confirmed that the equipment had been properly configured and was working effectively.

Schedule for future migrations

Following this successful first migration on the production network, we have decided that from now on work will be carried out during the day. This will minimise the inconvenience for institutions where work is being carried out. We expect to implement the next migration – Zwolle to Nijmegen via Enschede - over a 3-week period. After that, the plan is to migrate Nijmegen - Eindhoven.

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