• New direct link from South Africa enables global science

    News - The South African NREN (National Research and Education Network), comprising SANReN and TENET, has been connected to NetherLight, SURF’s open exchange in Amsterdam, via a 20 Gbit/s connection. This new direct link will provide capacity to a number of international scientific projects including the SKA (Square Kilometre Array).

  • Omani NREN connects to NetherLight via a 1 Gbit/s link

    News - OMREN, the Oman National Research and Education Network (NREN), is now connected to the NetherLight open light path exchange in Amsterdam from the country's capital city, Muscat. The direct 1 Gbit/s link provides OMREN with new opportunities for international collaboration.

  • India's research network connected to NetherLight

    News - The National Knowledge Network (NKN) in India is now connected to NetherLight, SURFnet's open lightpath exchange. Dutch teaching and research institutions can now exchange data at high speed with more than 1,600 universities and research institutions in India.

  • Microsoft ExpressRoute now available directly through SURFnet

    News - Institutions connected to SURFnet can now link their institution's infrastructure directly to the Microsoft cloud with SURFlichtpaden. SURFnet is working under the agreement that the European umbrella organisation GÉANT concluded with Microsoft. GÉANT is the first non-commercial party in the world with direct links via ExpressRoute.