Special interest groups SURF: share your knowlegde about ICT innovation

SURF brings ICT professionals together in networks and collaborative projects to share knowledge relating to ICT innovation. Experts from educational institutions work together with colleagues from other institutions in SURF's special interest groups (SIGs).

Communities for ICT innovation

SIGs of SURF are knowledge communities that focus on specific themes aimed at ICT innovation in education and research. The SIGs form an extensive network of professionals involved in SURF's innovation projects and in the dissemination of knowledge arising from them.

Download the flyer about SURF's special interest groups (PDF, in Dutch).

Network of professionals

Within a special interest group, experts from educational and research institutions and those interested in the subject matter are part of a community based on a specific ICT theme.

Which is the SIG for you?

There are no less than 15 special interest groups. Visit www.surfspace.nl for more information (in Dutch):

  • Blended Learning
  • Compute Resources for Life Science Research
  • Digitaal Toetsen
  • Digitale Leer- en Werkomgeving
  • Groene ICT en Duurzaamheid
  • Learning Analytics
  • Media & Education
  • Onderwijslogistiek
  • Open Education
  • Research Data
  • Research Information
  • Research Support
  • Unwired
  • Virtuality
  • Visualisatie