The Supervisory Board of SURF

The Supervisory Board supervises the policy of the Board and the general course of affairs in the cooperative and its affiliated companies. The Supervisory Board acts as the employer and sounding board for the Board.


The Members' Council appoints the members of the Supervisory Board, which consists of at least 3 persons. The term of appointment of the Supervisory Board members is a maximum of 4 years, with a maximum of 3 terms.

Members of the Supervisory Board


  • Doede Vierstra RC, Harry van Dorenmalen (as of 1 March 2020)


  • E.J.F.B. (Edwin) van Huis
  • G.H. (Gabriel) Black MAC
  • vacancy
  • vacancy
Primary function en additional functions Doede Vierstra

Primary function

  • Director/owner of Phoibos Finance B.V.
  • Director by the order of Ondernemingskamer, Hof Amsterdam

Additional functions

  • Chairman of the supervisory board Coöperatie SURF U.A.
  • Chairman of the supervisory board Koninklijke CSK food enrichment
  • Supervisory board member and chairman Audit Committee of het Leiden Universitair Medisch Centrum, LUMC
  • Chairman Investment Committee, Fries Energietransitie Fonds FSFE
  • Treasurer Bestuur van Museum Hermitage a/d Amstel, Amsterdam
  • Chairman of the supervisory board KNGF Geleidehonden
Primary function en additional functions Edwin van Huis

Primary function

  • Managing director, Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Additional functions

  • Chairing the supervisory board of Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • Supervisory board member of the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
  • Executive board member of the Rathenau Instituut, Den Haag
  • Commission member Natuur van het Prins Bernhard Fonds, Amsterdam
  • Supervisory board member of Japanmuseum het Sieboldhuis, Leiden
Primary function en additional functions Gabriël Zwart

Primary function

  • Chairing the supervisory board  MUMC+

Additional functions

  • Member of supervisory board Coöperatie SURF U.A.
  • Supervisory board member De Zorggroep
  • Member auditcommission De Zorggroep
  • Member of supervisory board der GDEKK
  • Supervisory board member CZO
Current additional functions Van Dorenmalen
  • Chairman Advisory Board LINKIT enterprise
  • Chairman of National TopTeam Sport (instituted by Dutch Minister VWS)
  • Chairman Advisory Board Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Chairman COSTA – startup VNO
  • Chairman Comm. ICT – digital for VNO / NCW
  • Chairman Taskforce “samen vooruit” data exchange in health VNP-VWS
  • Member Supervisory Board KPMG Netherlands
  • Member State commission on BETA and Technical in the Netherlands
  • Member Almere Economic Board