Incentive scheme Open and online education

IT in education offers opportunities for innovation and quality improvement. The Minister of Education, Culture and Science made funding available for the last time in 2022 through the Open and Online Education Incentive Scheme. Read more about the projects from the incentive scheme.

Stimuleringsregeling open en online onderwijs

Knowledge of open educational resources

Thanks to the grant from the Open and Online Education Incentive Scheme, many projects have been developed for OERs and online education. In addition to these projects, a lot of knowledge has been gained and further developed into products or services. This page presents a collection of developments for OERs.

Roadmap for OERs

From all the knowledge gained from the OERs pillar, SURF has joined forces with educational institutions to encourage the sharing and reuse of OERs. To get started, various step-by-step plans have been developed. You will find them all on the page Starting with OERs.

Introduction to OERs

In Getting to Know Open Educational Resources you will find everything about sharing, reusing and developing or collecting OERs. The module is specially designed for teachers, support staff and teacher communities to get started.

Step-by-step plan for developing and sharing learning materials yourself

You develop learning resources that colleagues inside and outside your institution can benefit from. Then you also want to share them openly so that they can inspire your entire community. Read how to do this in the step-by-step plan Developing your own learning materials and open sharing.

Roadmap for Open Educational Resources Policy

The Open Educational Resources Policy step-by-step plan helps you formulate a policy for sharing and reusing OER within and outside your institution.

Roadmap for OER communities

When creating, sharing, and reusing OERs, collaboration with other instructors is essential. Collaboration is made easier in an active professional community. The step-by-step plan for an OER community helps you build an OER community.

Step-by-step plan Quality model for OERs

Are you working together to build a collection of OERs? Then make sure that the learning materials are of good quality and meet the right criteria. Use the Quality Model Road map when establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality of OERs.

Vocabulary roadmap

Do you work in a training association, professional association or professional community and do you want to make OERs available from this partnership? Then make sure that the digital learning materials are easy to find. The Vakvocabulaire step-by-step plan helps you do this.

Roadmap for workshop development

Do you want to speed up the adoption of OERs at your institution? Do you want to help instructors really get started? With the Development Workshop Roadmap you can set up an online workshop to inspire your instructors and help them gain experience. The workshop is also for support staff.

Roadmap: Create your open textbook!

Do you want to publish an open textbook within higher education? The Zone Towards Digital (Open) Learning Resources developed a step-by-step plan for creating an open textbook. It contains good practices, instructions for and expertise on publishing open textbooks.