Domain video

Video software includes both video learning solutions (to create, stream, store and enrich videos, among other things) and video conferencing software.

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

With the DPS video software, SURF in collaboration with Ireland's HEAnet offers a flexible procurement route for video software. The DPS runs until the end of 2025 and can be extended thereafter.  

Vendor Service More information
Avit  Webex (only in the Netherlands)  
Codific Videolab Website vendor
Diginet  Avid Technology  Website vendor
Duppal Zoom, Pexip en Cisco Webex Website vendor
Image Supply Systems  Pexip (only in Ireland) Website vendor
Icademy HiHaHo Website vendor
Kaltura  Kaltura  Website vendor 

Cisco Webex, Mediasite, Pexip, 

Echo360, Panopto en Yuja

Website vendor
Panopto  Panopto  Website vendor  
Planet Enterprise  Planet estream  Website vendor 
Sonic Foundry  Mediasite  Website vendor
Streaming Valley  Presentations2Go   
Ubicast  Ubicast  Website vendor
Unicam  Unicam  Website vendor
Yuja  Yuja  Website vendor
Vu2Vu  Vu2Learn   
WarpVR  Warp Studio  Website vendor
Zeticon  Zeticon  Website vendor
Zoom Zoom Website vendor


Mediation Agreements 

The mediation agreements listed below will not be renewed after the end date as they are replaced by the DPS mentioned above.  

Vendor Service Link to My SURFmarket
Kaltura  Kaltura  Kaltura Videosysteem 2020 - 2022 | My SURFmarket 
Kinly  HD Video Conferences voor UMC’s  Visions Connected HD Videoconferentie voor UMC's | My SURFmarket 
Kinly  Cisco Webex Cisco Webex Meetings | My SURFmarket 
Streaming Valley  Presentations2Go en meer  Streaming Valley | My SURFmarket 
Sonic Foundry  Mediasite  Mediasite Videoplatformen | My SURFmarket 
Zoom  Zoom  Zoom | My SURFmarket