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Open the conversation about public values with 'Values Compass - The Game'. The board game and its examples help to guide the conversation about digitisation, including dilemmas, values and ethical considerations. You discuss digitisation issues from the perspective of public values in a way that’s fun, practical and accessible.

Twee studentes met laptop op schoot op een bankje

Dilemma: teaching materials for TikTok

A teacher's students are on TikTok, which they mostly use to share videos with each other (such as dance videos). The teacher wants to connect with the students' experiences. TikTok has three million users in the Netherlands, of which just over half are active daily.

TikTok users interact a lot with each other, something the teacher does not see on other platforms provided by his educational institution. Encouraging exercise and creativity on the platform are also motivating. TikTok is from a Chinese company. There are general concerns about who has access to users' data and what the company behind TikTok does with that data, now and in the future.


The teacher is going to create teaching materials specifically for TikTok. Do you agree or disagree?

Values Compass Game Cards
Values Compass Game Cards - TikTok