Values Compass - The Game. Discuss dilemmas of digitisation

Open the conversation about public values with 'Values Compass - The Game'. The board game and its examples help to guide the conversation about digitisation, including dilemmas, values and ethical considerations. You discuss digitisation issues from the perspective of public values in a way that’s fun, practical and accessible.

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Dilemma: using advertising platform

Many institutions use advertising platforms when recruiting new students or announcing open days. Advertising through the platform gives the institution a large reach and the ability to target potential future students.

With every online click the ad receiver makes, a profile is built with data that becomes available to the institution. It’s also possible to gain data on potential new students. Whether this involves privacy issues is unknown. The advertising platform is popular and established.


The institution does decide to use the advertising platform, in order to recruit enough new students for the coming academic year. Do you agree or disagree?

Values Compass Game Cards
Values Compass Game Cards - Advertising Platform