Using learning analytics

Learning analytics can help improve the quality of education, enhance study success and prevent study delays or drop-outs. It seems to hold great promise for education. But how can you best utilise the potential of learning analytics, and what are the benefits?

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The possibilities of using learning analytics are huge, but how does a programme or teacher successfully apply them? Be inspired by the practical examples of various higher education institutions.

Verslag studiereis: Learning Analytics – een breed speelveld op instellingsniveau

Groepsfoto studiereis studiedata 2019

Tijdens de studiereis Studiedata in 2019 naar de Engeland en Schotland hebben we verschillende kanten van het gebruik van studiedata gezien. De universiteiten die we bezochten maakten verschillende keuzen, en die leverden weer nieuwe inzichten op. Theo Bakker (VU) en Mirjam Woutersen (Avans) deden verslag.

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Noorderpoort Regional Training Centre

SURF carried out learning analytics experiments together with 12 teachers from 6 institutions. Read the lessons learned

Utrecht University

Weekly reports featuring students' online activities enrich the interaction between instructor and student. Read more

Open University

The developed system LASER provides insight into the group dynamics of students learning in online study groups. Read more

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Using learning analytics to further improve statistics education and match the needs and preferences of students. Read more

University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Experimenting with a large group of students to get a good picture of how the students interact with the learning environment. Read more


Using learning analytics to help teachers improve the quality of education. Read more

University of Amsterdam

Using formative tests to realise customised contact teaching. By using learning analytics of the tests, face-to-face education has been implemented. Read more


Report Learning analytics in education: an educational perspective The report supports and inspires instructors and educational developers in applying learning analytics in online education.

Report Grand Challenges learning analytics & open and online education - an exploration. Via various challenges, you become acquainted with the possibilities for applying learning analytics in open and online education.

Trend report open and online education (PDF, in Dutch). Various trends in the field of open and online education at home and abroad.

Trend report How technological trends make customised education possible. Various trends in the field of educational innovation, including learning analytics.