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Open the conversation about public values with 'Values Compass - The Game'. The board game and its examples help to guide the conversation about digitisation, including dilemmas, values and ethical considerations. You discuss digitisation issues from the perspective of public values in a way that’s fun, practical and accessible.

Twee studentes met laptop op schoot op een bankje

Dilemma: being seen by detection tool

The pandemic has shown us that sometimes it’s necessary to take exams at home. Your educational institution has found a supplier with a tool against fraud and can check whether a student is actually taking the test at home. This ensures the educational process can still go ahead.

The supplier claims it can detect students in all their variety of appearances. This claim by the supplier has not been tested or researched by the educational institution itself.


Your educational institution trusts the vendor's specifications and claims, purchases the tool and starts working with it. Do you agree or disagree with this decision?

Values Compass Game Cards
Values Compass Game Cards - Detection Tool