Connecting other locations

Connect all your locations to the SURF network

In addition to your main location, you can easily connect other locations of your institution to the SURF network. We will then create a point-of-presence (PoP) at that other location from which you can make connections with other locations in the SURF network. These can be your own locations but also other institutions. It is also possible to connect data centres in this way.
Netwerkapparatuur SURF bij Nikhef


SURF services in branch offices

In addition to an existing basic connection at your institution's main location, you can also offer our services at other locations, such as branch offices.

SURF services in data centres

A new location can also be a data centre. That way, you can offer SURF services from that data centre and do not have to host them yourself.

Redundant connection

A connection to a new location is always geographically redundant. This guarantees very high reliability.

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Sander Klemann

Sander Klemann