Monitor your internet services in real time

The online web application SURFopzichter allows ICT administrators to easily monitor online and real-time the performance and availability of internet services, such as websites and mail facilities. Note: SURFopzichter will be phased out at the end of 2024.
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Monitor availability in real time

Notify yourself and colleagues via MS Teams, Slack, SMS and email, monitoring your services in real time for availability and performance.

Set your own checks and notifications

Easily set up checks and notifications through SURFopzichter's user-friendly interface.

Determine checks on system performance

Set up your own checks that alert if a system is not functioning (properly). This can be for your mail server, corporate website or firewall.

Based on NAGIOS

SURFopzichter is based on NAGIOS, an open source monitoring application.

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Teun Fransen

Teun Fransen


Who is SURFopzichter intended for?

SURFopzichter is available to SURF member institutions. The institution contact person can request SURFopzichter online by contacting SURF Klantsupport at

User manual

How do I use SURFopzichter?